Sam Sand Dunes:
There is no point coming to the Thar Desert if you don't go for the Desert Safari. That is why Sam sand dunes are becoming the major attraction in Jaisalmer. Sam Sand Dunes are situated at a distance of approximately 42 km from the city of Jaisalmer. 3km long, 1km wide and as much as half a kilometer high, the dunes are as treacherous as they are scenic. The Sam Dunes really come alive during the desert festival with a sound and light show, and gala spectacles of dance and music which will reverberate in your ears long after you have heard it.

Khuri Sand Dunes:
See Rajasthan in all its amber-gilt glory during your tours to the Khuri sand dunes that are situated near the Khuri village in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The thatched clay huts with their straw roofs, beautifully decorated camels, the local market and the martial art of Bhatti Rajput are sure to thrill you on your visit to Jaisalmer. Ride your camel to the Khuri sand dunes that are located at a little distance from the main village and experience the true spirit of gorgeous Jaisalmer.

Desert Camps:
In case you are the one who thinks that camping is possible only amidst the tranquil Himalayas and the majestic Ghats. You need to think again. Jaisalmer in Rajasthan provides ample opportunities for camping onto the vast expanse of the sun-kissed sands. Nothing better than planning a camp during the festive season in Jaisalmer. The excitement of camping shall increase manifold with camps organized in the fair ground. Wake up with tunes of 'sarangi' in the morning while sleep with sweet sounds of 'ghungroo' in your ears.

Camel Safari:
Take a camel safari to experience the limitless Thar Desert. The ship of the desert, the camel, was domesticated thousands of years ago primarily for the purpose of making tedious journeys through the unrelenting Thar Desert. The camel riders cum guides who accompany you on your Jaisalmer camel safari sport colorful tunics and bright turbans enchant you with desert tales as you ride deeper into the mammoth Thar.

Jeep Safari:
These are done on 4X4 Jeeps that are really powerful machines customized in to 4-wheel drive. The open jeep is another way of seeing Rajasthan, especially in the winter months, when the chilly breeze and warm sunshine provide a heady combination. The tribal regions, the small villages, the ruins of old forts, the temple complexes, all contribute in creating a particular atmosphere for such safaris.

Nightlife in Jaisalmer:
Jaisalmer has little nightlife, but plenty to keep you occupied in the form of traditional dances, a desert light show and the like. Most hotels have some form of evening entertainment for their guests too, so you are unlikely to get bored. All the major hotels have their private pub and offer a variety of liquor to choose from. You can find some of the finest French wines, both red and white, in the premiere ones. Most of the pubs are opened till the late hours.


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